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WE ARE blockfinance.cc.

We are distinctive investment firm giving investors access to investment opportunities in Bitcoin markets and different services.

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Strong Security

Protection against DDoS attacks,
full data encryption

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Data Encryption

We secure evry user data on the system , asssuring total fund safty.

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Popular methods: Bitcoin, Ethereum,
Perfect Money, Skrill.

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Cost efficiency

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Daily 10% AFTER 24 HOURS

24HOURS Return

for A time

Minimum$ 36
Maximum$ 5000
per time$ 2626.75.0
Total Return$ 10507.0


DAILY 15% for 4 times

Daily Return

for 4 times

15% roi each time

Minimum$ 3000
Maximum$ 100000
per time$ 7875.0
Total Return$ 31500.0


Semi-Weekly 25% for 4 times

Semi-Weekly Return

for 4 times

25% roi each time

Minimum$ 10000
Maximum$ 1250000
per time$ 74250.0
Total Return$ 297000.0

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“Hey, obviously this is a very interesting time to be in Bitcoin right now, but if you guys want to argue over whether this is reality or not, one Bitcoin will feed over 40 homeless people in Pensacola right now. If you guys want proof Bitcoin is real, send them to me, I’ll cash them out and feed homeless people.”

ceo Jason King

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